Deadline: March 31, 2023.

The France Additive Forum takes place from 4 to 6 July 2023 in CentraleSupelec and ENS Paris Saclay.

The Forum France additive consists of plenary sessions, parallel sessions or workshops dedicated to specific themes.

The main topics of the call for papers, sessions and workshops are listed below. Any other innovative proposals will be considered.

– State of additive manufacturing in France, Europe and worldwide

– State of the art / innovation in additive manufacturing:


New hardware technologies

New software technologies

Design and digital chain

Post processing and control

Hybrid manufacturing

Health and safety at work

Qualification – Certification – Standardization

Additive Manufacturing Supply Chain

Environmental sustainability and carbon footprint

– Applications in different industrial sectors:




Fashion and luxury






Life sciences and technologies

– Training and certification in additive manufacturing

Contribution to the Presentations:

The 30-minute proposals will address one of the listed topics or any other innovative topic. The programme will be built on the basis of successful proposals.

Contribution to specific sessions or workshops:

Each specific session will deal with a particular topic. Its duration will depend on the density of contributions accepted in this field. It is requested to submit the theme and objectives of the session as well as an outline.

The purpose of a one-hour workshop is to delve deeper into a particular topic and produce a synthesis of the issues discussed. This production will then be upgraded on the website of France Additive. The workshop facilitator will organize and facilitate the workshop. The workshop will be preceded by a general presentation of the topic during a plenary talk.

Contribution to the « Trophées de France Additive »:

You can submit your innovations to the «Trophées de France Additive». Three categories are in competition: Best Piece, Best Study, Best Application. Participation is subject to registration at the Forum.

Contribution to the general animation:

You can choose to contribute to the general animation (visits, moderator of a half-day of presentations in plenary room, other…).

Contribution in the form of sponsorship:

You can also choose to become a sponsor (Platinum, Gold or Silver). Details of each level of sponsorship will be available soon.

How to apply:

Fullfil the document dedicated to your choice of contribution available on the following page: